What is one thing you wish you could tell someone, right now?

  1. solitary-muse answered: I would wait for you.
  2. sociallydeconstructed answered: My car, my money, my time are all precious. Stop expecting me to supply you with those things and get nothing back. When can I be pampered?
  3. nhalie answered: i still love him and i’m still waiting for him… :))
  4. 0bludagengs answered: thanks for treating me like i was someone special. i love u, but i know i can’t have u. should i find another, u’ll be the best i ever had.
  5. girlwithcake answered: oh darlin’, it’s so sweet, you think you know how crazy, how crazy I am….
  6. allez-ale answered: "I miss you."
  7. sbeckphoto answered: I wish I could tell my mother that I don’t want the wedding that she took a secnond job to give me.
  8. evarld29 answered: I would tell my boyfriend that I’m hopelessly jealous of my ex and his gf cuz they’re engaged and we’re not; we’ve been 2gether 2x as long…
  9. kingdom-of-shamballa answered: That i love her
  10. savewhatilove answered: i love you
  11. enfantdusiecle answered: I wish I could be more like you…
  12. jimrad answered: to sail to brazil
  13. cblackula answered: "Let me draw you."
  14. thousandsofleaves answered: let your freak flag fly
  15. sheandartjournal answered: i love him and wish he wasn’t so far away.
  16. bluexdreamx answered: Im sorry i embarrassed you, but im not sorry for what i said.
  17. aleaosha answered: Youre smart and funny and interesting and you challenge me and I want to spend more time with you and just be around you all the time.
  18. selkiepolitics answered: I’m not in love with you anymore but we could have been great friends and the sex was AMAZING. Sorry I went crazy and ruined everything,
  19. myfriendhistory answered: I’m infatuated with a tv star at the moment, I wish I could tell him that we were meant for each other. Hahahh
  20. bobseye answered: Just wait a little longer for me. I’m almost there.
  21. bismuthine answered: I want to come out. (Please don’t post this or anything)
  22. lutarei answered: the one I love
  23. verovillegas answered: "stay for a little while"
  24. ohdonteven answered: To my boyfriend: “Let’s go out to eat. On me!” But he is asleep and I am broke.
  25. photogrl128 answered: I’m sorry I didn’t have faith in us.
  26. go-home-samantha answered: Right now I wish I could tell my parent who I really am…
  27. offtosognefjord answered: thanks for loving me
  28. shesatexasgirl answered: That I’m sorry and that I miss them every day
  29. adventuresinbridgeport answered: To A____: I love you still. It’s been a year since I saw you, spent a night together. Find me.
  30. hysterical-unreliable-organs answered: You shake my bones. Knowing I exist and you exist will never really be enough, but it’s all I have and I will cling to it.
  31. zaynmalikforever2001 answered: zayn malik is hot
  32. anatomique answered: shut. up.
  33. villainesayre answered: piss off I’ve got a hangover :I
  34. sadyoungliterarygirls answered: I miss you
  35. aliki-pdt answered: τι διάολο κάνω?
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  37. alelluiah answered: Come back.
  38. shjaron answered: KISS ME, oh my god.
  39. ergoix answered: I hate your fucking guts
  40. ohgoingsomewhere answered: "I do this because I care. Not because I want to control you. Yet you fight me every time."
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  42. iknowakidnamedrad answered: I’m going to miss you more than ever when I’m gone, and I hope to God that you’ll miss me half as much.
  43. youth-unbroken answered: i don’t know…
  44. honestbird answered: That he should stop being a pussy and follow his dreams!